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  • Fast Acting, Eradicates Ticks and Fleas of all life stages (egg, larva, nymph and adult)
  • Formulated to totally eradicate ticks and fleas of all life stages
  • Provide killing force protection for three to four weeks.

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Direction for Use:

Step 1  – Bathe your pet with Protect+ Shampoo, rinse and then dry.

Step 2 – Apply a spray mist to your pet’s body, neck, head, and legs while shuffling its coat

Step 3 – Allow PROTECT + Spray Treatment to dry for few minutes.

Step 4 – To achieve maximum protection, do not bathe your pet for one week if possible.

Step 5 – Spray to remaining PROETCT+ Spray treatment to the cages, floors and nearby walls.

Step 6 – Wash your hands after application.



This product is for external use only.

Do not use on kittens  or puppies under 8 weeks.

Do not use on debilitated, medicated, nursing and pregnant animals.

Do not use on animals with known hypersensitivity to pesticides.

Separate the treated pet for about one hour until the product is thoroughly dry.

If you suspect a reaction to this product, discontinue use and consult to a veterinarian immediately.


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