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Probiotics for Dogs and Cats Feed Premix Powder

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  1. Aids in digestion and modulates the immune system.
  2. Prevents urinary tract infections in dogs.
  3. Reduces allergy reaction.
  4. Maintains healthy level of good bacteria.
  5. It wards off some opportunistic, potentially pathogenic or bad bacteria from overtaking dog’s gastro intestinal tracts.
  6. Protect against tooth decay and gum inflammation.
  7. Helps to maintain a healthy mucous lining in the intestinal tract.
  8. Aids in the metabolism and the removal of toxins.
  9. Supports protein and carbohydrates digestion via probiotic enzymes.
  10. Promotes mineral absorption.
  11. Supports production of B Vitamins like Folic Acid and Biotin and also Vitamin K.


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