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BEARING Anti Tick & Flea Dog Powder 150g

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  1. Clean your pet. Chain it in a cage or windless area and wear muzzle to protect licking or swallowing. Then sprinkle slightly BEARING Tick and Flea Dog Powder on the entire body and apply on skin especially feet, paw, between the toes. After one hour, brush hair to repel tick and flea. Clean your pet again to wash pwder thoroughly.
  2. For your pet’s cage, put in windless area and apply the product around and inside the cage. After one hour, wash the cage thoroughly before placing your pet back into the cage.
  3. While using the powder, always use mask and gloves.
  4. After using the product, always wash hands, clean body and change new clothes.
  5. Do not let the product in pet’s eyes, nose or mouth.
  6. Do not use with puppies, weak, sick or pregnant pet and lactating pets.
  7. Do not throw away product or packages to river, ditch, canal and public water resources.


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