Puppy Love Milk

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  • Milk replacer for new born puppies
  • Provides the needed calcium to the dam Formulated to taste like dam’s milk

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Puppylove Milk Formula is scientifically formulated to provide a nutritionally balanced diet for puppies when used as a supplement or main nutrient source during the suckling period and/or after weaning.

Mix the Milk Formula Powder in a nursing bottle. Warm the bottle to body temperature before feeding. New food should be introduced gradually into the feeding regimen to avoid gastrointestinal disturbances. All feeding utensils must be clean. The formula must be prepared in small batches and refrigerated for no more than a day.

The holes in the nipple should be large enough so that the milk will flow slowly when the bottle is tipped upside down. The bottle should be tipped so that the puppy does not suck air through the nipple. One must be careful not to squirt or force milk into a puppy because it may aspirate the liquid and develop pneumonia.

Puppies – mix 1 scoop per ounce of water, feed at least every 2-3 hours interval daily

Older dogs – mix at least 3 tablespoonful for every glass of water

If formula is too diluted (not enough powder or too much water), or too concentrated (too much powder or not enough water), then the puppy will not get proper nutrition and may become weak or sickly. It is important to the health of your puppy that you follow all preparations, feeding and storage instructions carefully.


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