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Promotes rapid colouration, intensify over-all colour

Enhance and restore natural colour

With special immune substance to increase resistance against diseases

Increase vitality.

Colour gets brighter and stronger in just 2 weeks.

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VitaGold is a potent formula especially made to enhance the colour of all fresh and saltwater fish. It also promotes good health, induces sppedy growth, and increase resistance aqainst diseases. The Special processing of these vitamins with the help of colour enhancing enzymes promote, enhance and restore the best natural colouration of your pet fish ( Arwana, Flower horn ,Gold Fish ,Cichlids ,Betta, Mollies, Discus. Etc.).

Assists in increasing colouration and suitable for fresh and saltwater fishes (aquarium, Ponds, etc.)


To Enhance fish colouration (rapid colouration) add 2 cap full (10ml)


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